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Ciao 2011, its been a blast!

Coursework, exams, graduation, unemployment, 7Bit Arcade, Sony and a shitload of both good and bad. This year for me been an super roller-coaster ride. One thing that has remained constant is the games. We have been given some great games this year, most of which have been sequels.... [+]

Why all the hate?

So this is the trailer which appears to not only be destroying the character of Raiden but the Metal Gear franchise itself for some. I loved Bayonetta and Vanquish, both fast and frantic action games that weren’t afraid to be different. Hearing that Platinum Games... [+]

Free Games!

If like you got hold of a 3DS early on, chances are it didn’t get used and you may have felt a bit conned. The lack of decent titles at and around release seriously hurt the system. Nintendo already gave us an apology present earlier... [+]

Work in Progress

My blog is undergoing a sexy revamp for 2012  I might not be posting for a while as I get the layout sorted So far so good with this wordpress theme. However it’s going to take me some time getting used to it! Lets do... [+]

Christmas Win and The Last of Us

Had a crazy couple of days lately. First the 7Bit Arcade Awards Party, which was awesome. I won the award for best profile picture. Would have a crime if my horribly vain pic didn’t win tbh! Yesterday was the Sony Playstation Christmas party, based in... [+]

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