Ghosting on my B’day

May 25th 2012 is going to be a great day. Firstly it’s my damn BIRTHDAY! Also Ubisoft just announced the release date of Ghost Recon Future Soldier!

The Ghost Recon franchise is one that is near and dear to my heart. I have spent countless hours playing both co-op and versus modes with friends. And the realism of these titles is something I truly appreciate. In most cases its one shot, one kill. Non of this waiting to heal nonsense.

Future Soldier has been teased by Ubisoft for far too long. I recall it being touted to come out in 2011, but considering all the titles that came that year, maybe it was for the best that it was held back. I’m hoping that this extra development time will mean for a really solid, fun and engaging title.

My only fear for this game is that it may lose its sim-like roots. This needs to stay a shooter based mainly on realism. I’m going to believe in Ubisoft and hope that they don’t attempt to make this a run and gun. Ghost Recon for me was all about drawn out and tense fire fights, were each death was a big deal.  Slow and steady usualy won the race as patience was key.

I wasn’t even going to post today but this just got me screaming like a little girl

Come May 25th don’t expect any birthday partys at mine. Expect sniper shots to the ribs and eye.


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