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The best Vita titles, so far.

  Happy New Year! The PSVita seems to be going through (another?) regeneration at the moment. A sharp drop in prices for the device at retailers and the PS4 (with it’s cross play streaming feature) has seen a huge amount of people invest  in the console towards the end of 2013. A lot of people […]

#PlayStationMemories – How It All Began – (By Bear Parker)

#PlayStationMemories – How It All Began – (By Bear Parker)

Nostalgia is looking through old photographs. It’s the moment you pedalled a bicycle. The day you graduated. When you left home and waved goodbye. It’s the loss of a loved one and the creation of another. It simultaneously separates & connects; where atrocities and conquests we experienced live alongside us, so we can share them […]

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New PS4 User Interface Images (High Res)

Just a quick post here. Sony has released some new high res images of the Playstation 4 User Interface. I’ve posted a few before, but these are high res and I guess the actual interface might have been updated slighty. The original post can be found here on the EU Playstation forums. November 29th can’t […]

PS4 Peripherals

Pretty sweet showing from Sony at Gamescom 2013 right? Just thought I’d share some of the sweet PS4 accessories they’ve just announced. The “Wave Blue” and “Magma Red” DualShock 4 controllers will be available later this year in North America and on November 29th (launch day) in Europe for $59.99/€59.99/£54.99. Fingers crossed we will hopefully get different PS4 colours […]

E3 2013 – My thoughts

E3 2013 – My thoughts

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Bit late, but with this being such an amazing E3, I thought I would put down a few of my thoughts on the shenanigans. Don’t worry, i’ll keep it brief 😛   Microsoft had a lot to prove with this years E3. The whole always online/DRM features didn’t go down well with gamers. And the […]

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