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I need this game inside me…NOW!

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Quite a bit controversy surrounding this game now with Square Enix kicking ass and taking names due its leak. I personally can’t wait for this, I already know it will live up to my expectations >_

Vanquish – Another great game nobody played :(

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The summer games drought is still in effect and there’s pretty much slim to none really exciting gaming news So thought id post today and give some love to a game which I felt deserved more recognition. Vanquish was released last year to decent reviews however it slipped under the radar as most new IP’s do […]

A Transformers 3D induced Headache was Win

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Watched Formers3 yesterday in TreeDee and you can colour me impressed. As a big fan of the franchise going back to the old 80’s cartoons I went into this with a huge amount of excitement and high expectation. Which in hind-site was quite silly seeing I found the last two instalments of these movies quite underwhelming. But I was truly blown […]

Uncharted3 Beta = Meh

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Been a truly up and down week for me, hopefully the weekend will bring relaxation and put everything back to an equilibrium. I tried the Uncharted 3 Beta for a bit today. Was thoroughly dissapointed, firstly it was a laggy glitchy mess, which is obviously acceptable at this point. Matchmaking put me against a bunch of 13 year old […]

More LA Noire (Sorry)

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Iv’e slowly been turning into an LA:Noire Junkie as of late. Been playing it a fairly slow pace of around a case a day. While trying to avoid spoilers from friends and the inter webs. Recently came across a genuine piece of investigatory journalism from IGN ( I know right?). Was quite an interesting piece and one […]

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