A Transformers 3D induced Headache was Win

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Watched Formers3 yesterday in TreeDee and you can colour me impressed. As a big fan of the franchise going back to the old 80’s cartoons I went into this with a huge amount of excitement and high expectation. Which in hind-site was quite silly seeing I found the last two instalments of these movies quite underwhelming.

But I was truly blown away by the action in this film, the middlehalf was a bit meh and I saw all the “plot twists” from a mile off that is to say if the movie can be said to have a plot. As a nerd I couldnt care less about the human characters and just wanted to see Optimus Prime kick some ass, and some ass he did kick. Even BumbleBee was a bad ass towards the end of the film. Michael Baye excells at action but in terms of humour it all felt kinda forced and John Malcovich simply didn’t need to be in it. The whole story I remain indifferent on as I didn’t come into this wanting one.

My main problem was with the handling of some the the charcters, with a few it just felt like they had nothing to do and most of them were killed off anyway. Megatron and Starscream pretty much whined through the whole film and simply didn’t really do anything which was weird as they played big roles in the last instalments.

The 3D was handle by being quite subtle which was good as I was expecting it to be quite gimmicky with Megatron waving a stick to the screen or something lame and overdone like that.

Overall I was impressed simply because of the raw action and how it mostly stuck to its guns in being a big dumb action movie. Also it was alot darker than the last few movies with humans getting simply turned to dust and having prisoner executions thr0wn into the mix. The ending was a bit abrupt considering its supposedly the end of a trilogy for these films but I loved it either way and can’t wait to pick up the eventual trilogy Blu-Ray 😀

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