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Episode 11 – I’ve Got Big Creepy Hands…

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We’ve survived the E3 Aftermath and are returning for more epic video game themed chit chat! We delve into and scream over a host of big Japanese game announcements, discuss the Mafia 3 rumour and more. Our main topic this week is in regards to the still rising love and attention towards indie games, will […]

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Batman: Cape & Cowl Exhibiton

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After what felt like a century long wait, Batman: Arkham Knight has finally hit the shelves. To celebrate Warner Brothers Games UK teamed up with twenty contemporary artists and celebrities, for a lovely exhibition in sunny London town. The “Cape & Cowl” exhibition displayed these artists and celebrities interpretation of the classic Dark Knight costume. […]

Episode 10 – The E3 Spectacular

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A little event called E3 happened this week, so we thought we’d devote a whole frickin episode to it. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and whole host of publishers get a grilling. But who do we think came out on top? Come and find out!     Subscribe via iTunes  – Listen on Stitcher –  Listen on tunein – RSS […]

The “PRE-3″ Special

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It’s early June, which means E3 hype is in full swing. Will Nintendo reveal their new console? Will Microsoft finally show us a plan to catch up to Sony? The trio return to answer these horribly important questions and shoot off a few predictions too.    Subscribe via iTunes  – Listen on Stitcher –  Listen […]

Episode 8 – *Angry Face* Microsoft *Angry Face*

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The tri-force return for what ended as an anti-Microsoft special. Will Lara make it out of that cave? Will the “PS+” edition of Driveclub ever come out? Does Konami seriously even care anymore? Will Microsoft ever not be dicks? All those questions answered and more. Hold on to your gaming butts people! PS – Seriously […]

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