Episode 8 – *Angry Face* Microsoft *Angry Face*

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The tri-force return for what ended as an anti-Microsoft special. Will Lara make it out of that cave? Will the “PS+” edition of Driveclub ever come out? Does Konami seriously even care anymore? Will Microsoft ever not be dicks? All those questions answered and more. Hold on to your gaming butts people! PS – Seriously Microsoft?


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                                                                Show Notes

Rise of the Tomb Raider Trailer

Twitch bans all Adults Only-rated games

FIFA 16 will feature female teams in a series first

DriveClub server upgrade paves road for PS Plus Edition launch

New Need for Speed requires online connection

Nintendo’s new NX console might run on Android

XCOM 2 Announce Trailer

Lego Worlds

Konami Issues Apology, Explains ‘Mobile First’ Future

Narrative MMO Wander hits PS4 & PC on June 4

New Xbox One controller with 3.5mm headphone jack leaked by Xbox Support website


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