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What other titles deserve the “Super HD” treatment?

Hiiiiii. It’s the weekend! And that brings with it new games (well in the UK anyway). The big release this week is Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a trend which I hope doesn’t become the norm, as most of us purchased a shiny new console for new games specifically and not ports.

However it got me thinking, what other games would be pretty sweet to have a “super HD” port running on these new consoles. I feel if the price was right (unlike the price for Tomb Raider) I could certainly see myself picking one of these up. So here are a few titles I feel would be pretty awesome running on a PS4/Xbox One.


Uncharted3_DesertVillageI had to start with the series which I feel defined the last set of consoles. Uncharted for me legitimised video games as a medium which can go toe to toe with Hollywood.  Explosive set-pieces, stunning visuals, frantic game-play and a loveable leading man; all culminated in a series which is now seen as one of the corner stones of the PlayStation brand. A collection of the trio of games which released on PS3 would certainly be great to own on the PS4. The graphics were pretty astounding in each title already, so imagine the awesome of seeing them all running using the power of Sony’s sexy new console?



Mass-Effect-3Epic is probably the word I’d use to describe the Mass Effect series of games. The original was certainly an achievement, but Mass Effect 2 was probably where it really started to take off. The game-play was indeed pretty solid, however the story found here propelled this game for me into something special. Storys woven with the complexity of science fiction epics, almost every decision lead to an effect on the world and characters around you. Some of these decisions would add to your cause in a positive way or end up with the death of a party member, or worse the destruction of the universe. This is a universe I would love the jump back into and going through these again would certainly tide me over till Mass Effect 4….



SkyrimSkyrim was a title which you could get lost in for hours on end. A world which seems to live and breath no matter what you did in it (unless of-course you decided to murder everyone), looking back it was quite the technical achievement to have this running on what was ageing hardware. The game by itself has 50+ hours worth of content and the DLC no doubt would stretch this over the 100 hour mark. I lost whole weekends diving into this world and was always saddnened when real life got in the way of playing it more. The PS3 version was quite the buggy train-wreck, it took far too long to have it working at least half decent. I’m sure we could forgive Bethesda failing on that, if they brought the world into this generation.



nino-dragonThis is a title which I had so much hope for, I thought that Ni No Kuni would finally be the game which would make me fall in love with console JRPG’s again. Alas it wasn’t meant to be, the combat system just didn’t agree with me and I dropped it pretty early on :( Even so I feel that this is a title which would benefit greatly running on a PS4. Simply due to it’s amazing jaw-dropping visuals and art style, as a huge anime fan the title ran like a dream come true. The stunning landscapes, vista, dungeons, range of colours and characters really made this title stand out from the crowd. And with over 50+ hours of game-play, this is a game you could really sink your teeth into. Chances of this happening are probably slim to none, but who knows, stranger things have happened right?


No doubt I missed out a few titles, do let me know which games you think would rock!


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