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Metal Gear Solid 1984 Collection from Insertcoin

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When that ominous logo appeared via Konami’s social media channels earlier in the week, we all wondered just what the hell the “Metal Gear Solid – 1984 Collection” was.


A new game?

A new range of MGS themed cereals

Or a dreaded HD remaster of some sort?


Well it’s finally been revealed and it’s a new range of beautiful Metal Gear themed clothing from the guys as Insert Coin.


“1984 was all electropop, action movies and huge hair – as well as a pivotal moment in the story of Metal Gear Solid. Our new range of original designs bring it all together with sweaters, a retro-styled yoke tee, an all new girly-cut tee, and a varsity jacket.”



Slightly oversized for a relaxed retro-style fit, this sweatshirt is influenced by designs of the era and includes triple-ringers on the sleeves.

With some serious 80s-styling, this official Diamond Dogs tee celebrates the setting for The Phantom Pain, complete with yoke and sleeve ringers.

80s-styling fits this Metal Gear Solid range perfectly – which is why we have created an all-new girly tee, with an awesome off-the-shoulder cut.

The ultimate combination of retro 80s fashion and Metal Gear Solid style, this sleek must-have jacket is based on our hugely popular varsity cut.


With Metal Gear Solid V on the horizon, I feel the world may need to know that I’m a “Diamond Dog”, so put me down for that beautiful varsity jacket please.

You can purchase this range here.

Snake out.

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