Episode 6 – Take us to Nintendo land

Episode 6 – Take us to Nintendo land

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Jas, Amy and Mike return for another hour or so of epic gaming discussion and ridicule. The Fallout 4, Mirrors Edge and Gears of War rumours are all taken apart promptly dismissed as “sure”. Just what the hell is “Ark”? Why no Sony at Gamescom? And why aren’t we already booking tickets for the upcoming Nintendo Theme park?


And our main topic this week is in regards to the dreaded “CGI and or Live Action Trailer”, should they be allowed? Why are the even done? What on earth was Nintendo thinking when they gave it shot….?



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Show Notes

Jump Shoot Reload Podcast

Fallout 4 Rumour

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Mirror’s Edge “Reboot”


No Sony conference at Gamescom

Nintendo and Universal Studios Theme Park

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Risen 3: Enhanced Edition (PS4 exclusive)

Next Assassin’s Creed

Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition

Dead Island CGI Trailer

Nintendo Mercedes Commercial

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