Countdown to Awards Night – BAFTA Games Awards 2014

It’s almost a week till this years BAFTA Games Awards in London! Georg Backer and BAFTA have given us a sneak peak of the preparations for the event and preview of it’s swanky new location.

Amazing blockbuster titles such as The Last of Us, GTA V, Battlefield 4 and Tomb Raider are all up for awards, along with smaller indie titles such as Brothers and Papers Please in the running. The full list of Nominees can be found here.

Along with the awards ceremony, this year will also see a pre-awards showcase; Inside Games – BAFTA’s Showcase of Gaming Excellence. This will offer the public hands-on experience with a wide range of highly anticipated games from the world’s biggest studios, many of which aren’t yet available in the UK.

Fingers crossed I will be in attendance to cover the event, and tickets are still availiable for you to attend aswell!


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