My E3 2014 wishlist

My E3 2014 wishlist

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Ahhh! Not another one of these, I hear you cry. Don’t worry I will keep it brief, so brief that this intro is done.

New IP’s

With these new set of consoles out, I would really love to see more AAA new IP’s. We’ve had a good start with The Order, Sunset Overdrive and Watch_Dogs etc. But I would love to some more, as I still feel publishers are taking the safe bets with sequel after sequel. No matter what new changes are brought in, I personally tend to get tired of a title after the 2nd or 3rd iteration of a title. I of course understand the financial risks of developing something new but if enough time, effort and imagination is put in, then the rewards as seen in the past, can be huge.



Nintendo to own it

Of course the irony in me wanting this, is that Nintendo won’t even be having a press conference at the event this year. We will be getting our Nintendo news via a Nintendo direct, fair enough I suppose. E3 2014 needs to be a big year for the WiiU, with 3rd party development almost at a standstill for the console, we need to see how the WiiU will be viable for gamers now and in the future. Glowing reviews and sales of Mario Kart 8 has reignited some interest in the WiiU. If Nintendo can show that other large franchises such as (Zelda, Metriod etc) are coming soon then surely this could convince more gamers to make the push. This point counteracts my “New IP” argument above, but sadly I feel that only fan favourites can save the console.



Less CGI, more gameplay, thanks.

The PS4 and Xbox One have already shown us that we’re at a point where video games can look very very good. Developers have now had more than enough time to understand and utilise each devices strengths and weaknesses. With this I would love to see less CGI and more game play in E3 trailers. As much as I’m relatively over the Call of Duty franchise, Activison has always had a theme of showing as much gameplay as they can for the franchise. Heck look at the Advanced Warfare reveal trailer, it was all in-game and really showed off just how good the game will probably look. The elephant in the room with this arguement are “Target renders” and gameplay shown via a PC which would make Skynet feel a bit embarrassed. My case in point with this is Watch_Dogs, which never really lived up to it’s early supposed gameplay footage ¬_¬ Less of that please.



More wow please much.

Remember how much we screamed when the Twilight Princess trailer was shown and even last year, to some extent threw up a few surprises. However E3 2013 was huge mainly because of the new consoles coming. E3 2012 and 2011 if you remember didn’t really offer anything that big. E3 is one of the few times where the world is watching the games industry, so each year it really should have surprises which highlight just how much of an amazing industry we’re all invested in. New IP’s, bringing back long forgotten IP’s, new services and partnerships etc. Maybe due to my position in gaming, I don’t really get surprised much any more, but I’m still a gamer at heart and deeply miss the “OH MY SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS” moments past E3’s used to deliver.


The Last Asgardian

Wouldn’t be an E3 wish list without The Last Guardian right? Shock horror, I thought the game looked kinda meh, sue me. Maybe we will finally get a release date, maybe.

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