Metal Gear Rising Revengeace, the Uniqlo Collection.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeace, the Uniqlo Collection.

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Uniqlo is a store that’s close to my heart for one reason. The awesome gaming and anime clothes they release pretty much every year. This year they are kicking off the good stuff with some Metal Gear Rising Revengeace themed awesomeness.

Now I must admit, sometimes the game t-shirts they release can be hit or miss. But they seemed to have nailed it with this collection. Some of the hoodies especially stand out I think.

My excitement for Metal Gear Rising Revengeace has increased over the past week, due to the game getting high early praise from critics. And the thought of me strutting around in some of this gear. pleases me a bit more that it probably should, I’m a big fat nerd like that 😀

They will be releasing in selected Uniqlo stores and on their website on Monday the 18th of February. So if you like one, you should probably order it before they sell out, as they usually sell out quick.

I posted a few of my personal favourites below!







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