London MCM Expo 2015 (October)

London MCM Expo 2015 (October)

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I just about survived this years winter MCM Expo, I use the term “survived” as it felt even more jam packed than the Summer Expo way back in May. It’s clear to see the event is getting bigger and bigger with each show and the sheer number of people was at some points overwhelming. However, organisation of the event is becoming better and better each year. Gone are the days of literally waiting hours, only to find you’ve been in the wrong queue. Entering the event can be long at times, but the process is becoming less and less painless, with clear signs and friendly staff on hand.

The event itself I feel has found the right balance of size and overall things to see do and spend far too much money on. You’ll still find your host of anime/geeky themed stalls, but now I feel the show finally is starting to cater far more for folks who love all things Japan, in past years it always felt like an afterthought. Japanese art and sculpturing plays a big part of the show now and I find myself now drawn far more to those stalls.

Commercially it’s easy to see that this show is now seen as a great way to sell to folks knee deep in nerdy culture. Huge franchises now have their own stalls and attractions at the show, as somebody whose been going since the early days, it’s great to see the show finally getting some love and appreciation from big business and media, gone are the days when going to the event was seen as “lame” and “just for big nerds”.

The cosplayers where of course out out in force, you had everyone from those ladies in frozen to that ninja you thought looked cool in a manga you couldn’t be bothered to read. I was literally in awe of a few costumes and I wish I had the courage to give them a high-five and as ask to take a pic, kudos to the folk who go all out!

Overall it was another great show and was an example of just how big the show is getting. October used to be the quiet MCM, but now it’s just a big as the May version. Who knows, maybe if it gets too big, we might end up with having 3 in a year…..

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