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Infamous: Second Son – My best shots.

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It took me a while (mostly due to real life) but I FINALLY completed infamous: Second Son! For me personally, it didn’t quite hit the heights of the previous instalments, but it was a great first attempt on new hardware by Sucker Punch.

Most of the attention for the title has focused on the stunning graphical fidelity of the title. And I have to agree that it certainly is a poster boy for these new consoles. Add to this, the screen capture/share feature and you get a title with which you can really show off its visuals.

Scrolling along the top are some of the best images I took in my first play through. They certainly show off just what the PS4 is capable of, considering it’s still early in its life cycle, it’s quite scary thinking about what the future holds 😀

Due to popular demand to show off the graphics, Sucker Punch added a “Photo Mode” to allow greater control on what you capture and share. This sadly came quite close to the end of my first play through, so I didn’t really get the chance to use it much.

However during my second play through I will certainly be using it to capture some of the epic moments I get myself into. And will drop them on a future post!

Also this play through will be the “Evil” one, so expect some of these to maybe not be very nice for the poor inhabitants of digital Seattle 😛


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