Infamous 2 (FINALLY)

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Infamous 2Didn’t have the time to post yesterday, was ironically playing PS3 all day 😛 Had to complete Dragon Age 2 by today so that I could trade it and Crysis 2 for INFAMOUS 2!!! However Dragon Age 2 simply didn’t want to end. I assumed  I was at the end of the game when I had a one on one duel with a major enemy, only to find he was a mid boss as such and still had a further 5 hours of quests to play through.

Not that I’m complaining, as games tend to be shorter nowadays. Dragon 2 sure has issues but I found it truly more epic than the first and some of the moral choices you had to make towards the end of the game truly needed deep thought as to their ramifications on the game world. Crysis 2 I found to be a standard FPS however it was definitely dumbed down for console and lost some of its edge such as the fully destructive environments seen in previous instalments. And I didn’t even bother with multi-player as it would obviously just be a farce with all the powers you have at disposal.

But those two are out of my collection now and its all about Infamous 2!! And Zelda 3DS next week aswell 😀 Had the original Infamous and was throughly surprised with how good it ended up being and the story was great, especially the ending which set up perfectly this sequel.

Anywho I’m off to go shoot people in the face with the elements now.

UPDATE – Totally forgot about getting the Uncharted 3 Beta code with the game. WIN


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