Episode 23

Episode 23

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Boom! We’re back for another sexy episode of We See in Pixels! Join us as we delve into the latest mostly Nintendo themed gaming news, with our main topic focusing on whether this really was the “Greatest Winter Line-up in Xbox History”……


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Show Notes


Fallout 4 Tops Uk Chart, Launch Sales 200% Up On New Vegas

Xenoblade Chronicles X’s English Version Ditches Breast Slider

Fresh Star Fox Zero Footage Shows Graphical Upgrades

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Hd Is Real, Launches In March

Female Link, Linkle, Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors Legends

Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud Confirmed For Super Smash Bros. 3ds/Wii U

Ronda Rousey Is The Ea Sports Ufc 2 Cover Athlete

Fire Emblem: Fates Collector’s Edition Combines All 3 Games


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