Episode 12 – A Kanye West MMORPG…

Episode 12 – A Kanye West MMORPG…

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Hi Everybody! “The Pixel Usual” return for more gaming banter and insults! We dive into the latest gaming news, chat about just what we feel Nintendo needs to do (and of course probably ignore) to make the upcoming NX a success along with answering your 50 Cent themed questions!



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                                                                      Show Notes

Inafune teams up with old Mega Man Legends devs for Red Ash Kickstarter

Ultra-rare Sony PlayStation SNES console spotted, pictured …

Club Nintendo discontinued in North America

Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode unveiled, stars Patton Oswalt

Watch Dogs Graphics Backlash Prompted Ubisoft Policy Review

PewDiePie Productions made $7.45m in 2014

Fans enters the WarFrame office are reveals all on reddit


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